Know the Facts about Heart Health

Know the Facts about Heart Health

Why should you be concerned about keeping your heart health.  Simply put, your life or the life of someone you love may depend upon you having the facts about cardiovascular disease and heart health. What are the facts? And more importantly what can you do about it?

When it comes to cardiovascular disease, every other death in the industrialized world is due to this illness. Many times it is a result of atherosclerotic deposits found in coronary arteries. These are the arteries that supply blood to the heart. Calcium deposits or plaque found in these and other arteries many times break off causing either a heart attack or stroke. Fortunately, there is a healthy solution that I believe can and has worked wonders for those who implement it.

Conventional Medicine May Not Have the Answer to Heart Health

When you take a look at conventional medicine they are focused on treating the symptoms of disease. Many times they base their success rate on statistics and numbers which can and have been manipulated by those with other interest. I’m not saying that traditional medicine along with their prescription medications do not have their place, but unfortunately, they have not proven to be the  cure for most diseases. Surgical procedures like angioplasty and bypass surgery improve blood flow but there is no evidence that they increase the lifespan of those who have them. Rather than treating the symptom, doesn’t it make sense to look at the underlying issues involved in cardiovascular disease and keep our heart healthy?

Heart Health – Examining the Cell

To really understand cardiovascular health it’s important that we look at the inner linings of the arteries. This is where the atherosclerotic plaques deposit themselves. We say to people with atherosclerotic plaque have hardening of the arteries. Why do we say that? Simply because it’s a build up of calcium plaque that is being deposited that makes the arteries hard. The body puts down calcium to repair damage. It is the endothelial cells of the arteries that are being damaged and leading to cardiovascular disease. One reason for damage cells can be a deficiency of essential nutrients that keep the cardiovascular walls of the arteries healthy. If we can keep these endothelial cells healthy, then we can reduce atherosclerotic plaque in within the arterial walls. There can be many reasons for damage to the arterial wall, but if they are not getting the nutrients they need they will never become healthy.

What do we learn by looking at the health of the inner lining of the artery, the cell?  We see that this is where the calicum is deposited.  Why does plaque deposit itself in the inner linning of the arterial wall?  Calcium is used by the body to repair.  When endothelial cells are not healthy the arteries can leak and need repair.  The health of our cardiovascular system is dependent on the health of the endothelial cells which make up the interior of the artery wall.  Keeping the cells healthy and nourished in the key to our cardiovascular health.

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