Joe Biden Debate Prep Diet: Candy, Energy Drinks And Animal Crackers?

Joe Biden Debate Prep Diet: Candy, Energy Drinks And Animal Crackers?

Paul Ryan may be a fitness and health nut, but it seems Joe Biden could have a somewhat opposing strategy: the Obama campaign released some light-hearted information about Vice President Joe Biden’s preparation this week in Wilmington, Del. It apparently included a steady diet of junk food. Reported Politicker’s Hunter Walker:

Apparently, Mr. Biden relied on a strict regimen of candy, sandwiches, energy drinks and caffeine to get him in shape for his matchup with Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan.

According to the White House pool report, the VP may have gotten his strength thanks to a steady stream of MMs, animal crackers, Gatorade, coffee, tea and subs from a popular sandwich shop called Capriotti’s.

So what’s with the carb-loading? Long, exhausting mock debates could have left everyone feeling tired and studies show that people crave junk food even more when they are sleepy. That’s Healthy Living’s pet theory anyway. While we’ll never know if there was a method behind all the added sugar or oversized sandwiches, it seemed to have little impact on the well-performing incumbent. While there obviously isn’t a study on junk food and presidential debate performance, studies in school children suggest that long-term junk diets affect academic performance, though there’s little evidence to suggest an occasional binge would do the same.

Want more about Joe Biden? Here’s photos of his reactions from last night:

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