Heart Health Videos

Heart Health Videos

Here is Fred Sanford’s version.  Unfortunately on October 11, 1991 Red Foxx did suffer a heart attack while rehearsing.  His cast mates at first thought he was kidding.  Sadly, Red Fox died later that evening.  It’s sort of ironic that what made so many people laugh,  finally took the life of the man who had faked so many heart attacks.



What happens when a person has a heart attack?  This short video gives a good idea of what takes place inside our body during a cardiovascular event.  It also provides some idea  of the risk factors associated with heart disease.




Here is a dramatization coming from the British Heart Foundation on what a Heart Attack may feel like.  Most of the time the symptoms are ignored until they can’t be.  It’s important to have it checked rather than waiting until it is too late.




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